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What Makes a Good Title and Description?

Date Added: March 17, 2009 07:09:46 PM
Author: Jacob Tolle
Category: Directories

Editors often receive a high volume of site suggestions for their categories, so ensuring that suggested sites have clear, concise titles and descriptions can aid greatly in the review process. Editor Lisagirl from has provided an excellent tutorial in how to make titles and descriptions that stand out in the crowd. 


What makes a good title and description? 


Here's some general help on writing good titles and descriptions. Before you suggest a site, look for the description link in that category. The descriptions often have additional information specific to that category.


TITLES: If the site is about a business, it's simple! Titles are the business name, and nothing more. If the site is topical in nature, the title should be the site's official name. Titles shouldn't be a string of keywords, should be properly capitalized, and shouldn't have unnecessary punctuation marks or symbols. 


Good (fictional) title examples:


- Lisagirl Chocoholics Bakery


- Theo Broma Transportation and Trucking


- Fudge Factor Accountants


- A Review of Chocolate Consumption in 2009


- Chocoholics Anonymous 



Bad title examples:



(all capital letters)


- Welcome to Theo Broma Trucking

(uses phrases such as "Welcome to" or "Homepage of")


- The fudgiest numbers on the web, from Fudge Factor Accountants

(uses advertising)


- ThEo bROmA TRaNsPoRtAtiOn aNd tRuCkInG

(incorrect capitalization)


- Lisagirl Chocoholics Bakery, in Smallville

(uses location or phone number)


- Chocolate Consumption, 2009, Why People Eat Chocolate, Review

(a string of keywords)


- All About Chocoholics Anonymous

(not the official site or organization name) 



DESCRIPTIONS: Describe the business or website, and describe the website's contents. Don't use hyperbole, advertising language, or a string of search engine keywords. Keep it simple! Here, I've placed a good and bad (fictional) example together, for comparison. Each person's writing style is different, and descriptions may vary depending on the category. What you see here are only examples and are written in my style. If you really don't know what to write, look at listings in the category where you're suggesting the site for ideas.


Good: Photo gallery displaying a personal collection of chocolate candy bar wrappers acquired between 1964 and 1979. 


Bad: These are my pics which are of the wrappers I got from eating choclit cand bars 


Good: Bakery and restaurant, both exclusively offering chocolate foods. Includes menus with photographs, and recipes of their most-ordered



Bad: LisaGirl Chocholics is on 123 Main Street, Smallville, open 6am to 5 pm, and we only sell chocolate foods. This website has tantalizing meneues with mouth-watering photos, and recippes for the favoritest dishes.


Good: Offers accounting services for small business owners and classes about creative financing. Includes profiles of the firm members, class details and schedules, and links to bail bond agents.


Bad: The ultimate source for all accounting services. We have been in business since 2008. Free education! Learn all about Fudge Factor's people. Learn where to go when you need help.


Good: Sales of Perugina Baci, a chocolate candy with hazelnuts, and shortbread cookies. Provides a map to the store and options for monthly shipment subscriptions.


Bad: High quality merchandise, chocolate, candy, Perugina, Baci, and much more! 


You may ask "Why should I bother writing good titles and descriptions anyway? Aren't the editors responsible for that? Ultimately, the editors must write decent titles/descriptions. However, the Open Directory Project editors are all volunteers, working on the project in their spare time. When you write a proper title/description, you allow us to work faster and more efficiently. By helping us, you're helping yourself. We look for good suggestions. In the sea of submissions, those with good titles/descriptions will stand out like a lighthouse beacon.


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